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The General Staffing & HR Solutions Specialist

ScienTec Personnel is a leading award-winning general staffing and contingent workforce recruitment agency focussing on professional and specialist placements across all industries:

Contingent Workforce (Temp & Contract) 

Permanent Positions 


ScienTec Personnel* is one of two major divisions of ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd**. Established in 2001 in Singapore, the group collaborates closely with many organisations in building their operational presence in Asia, rapidly filling talent gaps in critical operations, and providing valuable HR Support Services including:
  • HR advisory
  • RPO
  • Employee/contract outsourcing
  • Payroll
  • Benefits and claims
  • Employer branding
  • Social media recruitment
ScienTec’s proprietary systems and processes established after years of development and refinement have resulted in an impressive track record of success with more than 600 client and candidate testimonials and 20 prestigious industry awards including:
Focussing on the customer experience and building true service value is the result of a solid foundation built upon its Brand Pillars & Core Values. A 'People First, Always' organisation, ScienTec is committed to providing:

*ScienTec Personnel - Business Reg. No. 52952141E | GST Reg. No. 200409964K
**ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd - Business Reg. No. 200409964K | GST Reg. No. 200409964K