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How to game the economic slowdown for a better career
Global uncertainty surrounding the United States trade policies, slowing Asian economy, cyclical downturn in our local economy: these are just some of the bleak news facing any job seeker today. Even though the Business Times reported a slight boost in business confidence in Q4 of last year, it has not done much to raise morale. Truthfully, without sounding too optimistic, the situation is not all bad. There are st...
10 Feb 2017
How Working Part-Time Can Benefit Graduates
Most graduates focus their job search on gaining full-time employment, however many do not realise the benefits of working part-time or doing contract work while they are looking for a full-time job. Skills gained from part-time employment are an invaluable addition to a graduate’s resume – employers are always on the lookout for graduates who know how to market themselves, are able to learn on the job, interac...
19 Sep 2016
Why It May Be Easier To Land A Job Through A Recruitment Agency
SCIENTEC QUOTED IN STJOBS & ASIAONE ARTICLES. With the vast reach of digital technology, social media platforms, increasing focus on in-house recruiting and leverage of referral networks, a recruitment agency is now just one of the many channels to realise a candidate’s career objectives.   While many candidates are open to talk/hear from a recruitment agency, they are less likely to proactively turn to the...
04 Jun 2016
What's Your Interview Experience With Recruiters?
SCIENTEC ARTICLE IN LINKEDIN PULSE - The talent landscape has evolved rapidly and the typical career path is more fluid than ever. Today’s talent is not pinned down and they are staying more connected, informed and open to new opportunities throughout their professional lives. Candidates are now looking for smarter, faster ways to get paid for their skills and there is an increasing desire to take their care...
05 Apr 2016
Maximise Your Online Job Seeker Profiles
If you’re looking for a job, optimising your online profiles could be one of the most important things you can do today. While a well-crafted offline resume will always remain relevant, optimising your online job seeker profiles greatly increase your chances of getting contacted for an opportunity. With over 12 years of experience in executive search and professional recruitment, ScienTec Consulting’s talent acq...
17 May 2013