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Dress Right To Nail That Job

28 Jan
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN STRAITS TIMES - A wrinkled collar. An ill-fitting shirt. Open-toed shoes. You may have the necessary experience and skills but little details – in particular, how you look – may ruin your chance of scoring the job, say human resource experts.

Sloppily dressed candidates raise alarm bells in interviewers’ heads. “I would think that they are not serious about the interview and doubt their sense of responsibility,” says Ms Karen Tok, consulting director of human resource agency ScienTec Search Division.

ScienTec’s Ms Tok says that jobseekers of back-end roles like engineers and IT support officers are the worst offenders. Up to 50 per cent of them turn up in wrong outfits or wrinkled clothes because they seldom meet people while on the job.

But the impression they give is that they do not care whether they get the job or not.
A missed promotion or an unwanted new role are also factors that lead people to look for new jobs, says Ms Tok. Human resource organisations such as SHRI and ScienTec usually observe a 20 to 30 per cent increase in applications from February.

So rise above the fray by making sure that you pay attention to every aspect of your appearance at interviews – down even to the way you smell.

Ms Tok recently rejected a well-qualified and professionally dressed woman in her 30s for the role of a marketing director for a pharmaceutical company. The reason? She reeked of cigarettes. “How can we present a heavy smoker to market our client’s drugs,” says Ms Tok.
Extracted from article in The Straits Times, Urban, 28 Jan 2011, by Gladys Chung: