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How to game the economic slowdown for a better career

10 Feb

Global uncertainty surrounding the United States trade policies, slowing Asian economy, cyclical downturn in our local economy: these are just some of the bleak news facing any job seeker today. Even though the Business Times reported a slight boost in business confidence in Q4 of last year, it has not done much to raise morale.

Truthfully, without sounding too optimistic, the situation is not all bad. There are still sectors with jobs that are up for grabs. The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) has said there will be up to 20,100 jobs created this year. Sectors such as advanced manufacturing, hub services and digitalisation will translate into jobs, said EDB Chairman Beh Swan Gin.

In this climate of uncertainty, there is one sure way to stay relevant: heed the government’s consistent call to upgrade. The popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) makes it a great way to upgrade without worrying about missing too much time at work. Online courses let you study at your pace, at your own time.

“The ‘iron rice bowl’ is an outdated notion. Today’s economy is more fluid than ever, and employers need a workforce that is nimble and flexible,” said ScienTec Consulting’s Head of Business Cecilia Sim.

“Online courses are a good way to upskill without impacting your work schedule. If a candidate shows desire to learn, and is validated with a history of continuous learning, he/she stand a higher chance of being hired,” Ms Sim added.

If you have unfortunately been restructured out of the company, do not despair. Take the opportunity — and SkillFuture credits — to learn a new skill. Old dogs can still be relevant today.

An EDB spokesman noted in a Straits Times interview that while the transport engineering segment – in manufacturing — has slowed down, the industry is looking to innovate and capture new opportunities. These include looking at engineering roles within nascent areas such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

If you’re keen to work in industries related to gas, here are some courses offered by SkillsFuture that will let you catch that second wind. ScienTec also has ready jobs for Engineer, Control & Instrument, Automation Maintenance Technician and Process Technician in the industry.

Still worried? Let ScienTec Consultants advise you on the essentials of landing your dream job.

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Engineering (Gas)

1. Communicate With Others Effectively by Tsao Foundation

This Competency Unit enables an individual to acquire the skills and knowledge to communicate with others effectively. This Competency Unit, together with other elective units, is tailored to provide the skills and knowledge outcomes required by the Community and Social Services sector.

Full Fee: $660
Duration: 42.5 hrs
Mode of Training: Full Time
Minimum Qualification Required: Not specified

2. Workplace Safety and Health for Power and Gas Sector by Singapore Institute of Power and Gas

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Understand the importance of workplace safety and health at workplace, comply and apply the recommended safety measures and risk assessment at work.

Full Fee: $1,160
Duration: 7 hrs 
Mode of Training: Full Time
Minimum Qualification Required: Not specified

3. Apply ‘8 Disciplines’ Problem Solving Approach by Electronics Industries Training Centre

The course gives a broad understanding of the key processes of systematic problem solving using the well-known '8' Disciplines approach, which covers detailed root cause analysis, containment actions, corrective actions, and preventive actions. The knowledge gained in this course will enable to resolve the issues that they face in their workplace in a systematic approach.

Full Fee: $480
Duration: 16 hrs
Mode of Training: Part Time
Minimum Qualification Required: Not specified 

4. Certificate in Gas Technology by BCA Academy

Participants will acquire the necessary technical and safety knowledge for good town gas and natural gas utilisation practices. Successful completion of this Gas Technology course is one of the requirements stipulated by EMA for any course participant who wishes to be a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW).

Full Fee: $2,000
Duration: 80 hrs
Mode of Training: Full Time and Part Time
Minimum Qualification Required: Polytechnic Diploma

5. Gas Basic Course by BCA Academy

Participants will have a basic knowledge on gas characteristics, measurements, combustion, and regulations.

Full Fee: $1,915.89
Duration: 105 hrs
Mode of Training: Full Time
Minimum Qualification Required: PSLE certification