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Case Studies

We respond rapidly to fill clients’ critical hiring needs. Our industry knowledge and market expertise have enabled successful placements, including mass hiring for roles critical to expanding regional operations.

1. Retail
2. R.P.O.

Success Story – Retail

Our client, one of the most popular multinational fashion retail brands, planned to double their existing operational footprint and sales force, as part of its aggressive expansion plans into Singapore and the region.


In addition to filling over 100 vacancies in less than a month, the project faced a larger challenge with newly implemented restrictions by the Singapore government on the employment of readily-available and willing foreign retail talent. This meant that candidates would have to be sourced locally, with an option to extend the opportunity to Malaysians willing to relocate. Full-time retail professionals are rare in Singapore; they largely opt for part-time opportunities.

Compounding on the external issues, members of our client’s candidate screening team were constantly overseas for meetings, leading to the heightened risk of dropouts with each interview rescheduled.


The popular fashion brand needed a partner with a methodology and history for gaining successes in turning over critical hiring projects on a large scale with a very limited recruitment time. Convinced of our track record, methodology and candidate sourcing techniques, the HR Manager for the fashion brand turned to ScienTec Personnel. 

After the initial meeting, we immediately knew that relying solely on mass broadcast candidate attraction methods would not be effective. ScienTec needed to combine mass broadcast with highly targeted search and attraction techniques to find the rare passive and active talent looking for a career in retail, as well as experienced professionals willing to make the jump from other retailers.

To do this, ScienTec created a campaign that synchronised with the client brand and corporate values. We wanted to provide an easy way into a fun, fashionable and fruitful work environment by employing mass broadcast techniques (print advertising) to generate mass awareness of the co-branding project, calibrated call-to-actions to our Facebook (social media) landing page for our desired demographic and interest groups, and directly interfaced with the talent pool on hosted forum threads or face-to-face.

  • In three weeks, ScienTec Personnel was able to qualify more than 700 retail candidates, of which 110 would move on to be part of the core sales team. 
  • Referrals had spread to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter bringing in 10 per cent of total interest leads. 
  • The largest success was achieved by ScienTec Personnel’s ‘street team’ who contributed 60 per cent of the most qualified candidates.

ScienTec Personnel’s team of recruitment professionals once again proved their ability to deliver business support roles while flexibly responding to client needs.

“ScienTec Personnel has proven invaluable in supplying competent and qualified candidates to our organisation. Within short notice, ScienTec Personnel was able to line up a number of high quality candidates from our industry for our interviews. ScienTec consultants are knowledgeable, professional, and they deliver the type of responsiveness our business requires. I enjoyed working with their team of executives who are so committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.  They are always there when I need them, attending to all my needs and wants, and most of all, they are a very ideal team to work with.”
 - Divisional Director, Human Resources