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Jobseeker Testimonials

“I can still vividly remember when I first received a call from a ScienTec Personnel consultant after CNY - his bubbly and highly charged persona literally lit up my day. The reason being that it was during the festive season and employers would not be too active in hunting for new hires. In a way, I was not expecting much from it and I was wrong. 

The consultant came across as a very dedicated and passionate person. He listened more than he talked and that is definitely a good trait to possess especially in the recruitment industry. He is a brilliant job matchmaker because the job he recommended is in fact what I had in mind. Most job recruiters I had encountered in the past are more on the passive side. They seldom display the passion they have for the job; they treat it more like a mundane task while trying to find the right candidates for employers. 

By looking at my resume, he repeatedly emphasised my high probability of clinching the role based on my history of sales experience. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive of the way he behaved because it’s not often to see a recruiter or consultant getting so excited for his client. As my conversation with him progressed, it then dawned on me that his words and personality are congruent to his actions. 

I know how much time and energy he poured into this assignment and I deeply appreciate all of his efforts to make it a great success. Knowing that I can count on him to go the extra mile to sell my skill set to a potential employer is really reassuring. I always felt I was in good hands. In short, he makes a remarkable team player and individually, he is equally competent to carry out his assignment and see it to its completion.”

Financial Services Ambassador

“Helpful, responsible, resourceful, informative, professional, friendly, proactive, effective - these are the words that best describes the help and services I received from ScienTec, throughout the whole recruitment period.

The recruitment process became easy for me as there was no need for me to be filled with uncertainty as they provided frequent updates from the employer. The ScienTec Personnel Consultant also shared with me the employer’s hiring needs. Advice was provided days before the interview, to keep me aware of the hiring requirement, and thus, putting me ahead of the job-seeking race.

In short, I am very satisfied with ScienTec’s services and will have no doubt introducing ScienTec to my friends and family (which I already did!)”

Manufacturing Engineer
Ciba Vision

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to the ScienTec Personnel consultant who helped me throughout the course of my interviews with Epson. It has been a pleasant experience with ScienTec Consulting due to his exceptional service.
I would like to compliment him for taking the time to give a detailed briefing on what to expect during the interviews; providing feedback on ways I could present my best qualities; going the extra mile to provide close follow-ups regarding the decisions the client has made; being professional, courteous and making me feel at ease; willing to understand my circumstances and attending to what I was looking out for. I would definitely recommend the consultant to my friends if they are looking for a job. ScienTec is fortunate to have him as an employee and I wish him continued success in this field.”

Regional Marketing Executive

“The ScienTec Personnel team is great as they really took the time to understand me better in terms of my skills and personality, to match me with jobs that are suitable for me. Unlike other recruitment agencies, ScienTec placed me in roles according to my ability and potential, rather than just basing on positions I held in the past.

I have been in my current role for almost 7 months and still keep in contact with ScienTec on a monthly basis. They would check on how I am coping and deal with any concerns I have immediately.

I feel very lucky to have the constant support of the ScienTec team. It is brilliant to work with an agency that genuinely wants you to progress and succeed in your selected career!”

CAD Operator 
Hyundai Engineering & Construction

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the ScienTec Personnel consultant for his upmost dedication, effort and time in helping me through the process of securing a job with Nestle (Singapore) in spite of his busy work schedule. During the process, he helped me in many ways significantly through discussions in which he actively shared his knowledge on the company, to individualised interview sessions where he provided his input and advice, which created opportunities for fine tuning. As such, this has enabled me to build on my self-confidence as well as provide the added re-assurance in regards to some of the questions and insecurities which I faced along the way. Moreover, he was also very patient and responsive to queries and suggestions during our discussion sessions. Although the waiting time turned out to be slow, nevertheless he diligently tried his best to provide updates from Nestle’s end at the respective stages till the eventual offer. I am very pleased with the service he has provided me and will strongly recommend ScienTec Consulting’s services.” 

Associate Pilot Plant Specialist

“I would like to sincerely thank the consultant from ScienTec Personnel for the assistance he had given me in my job search. It definitely is heartwarming to have him as a recruiter and I feel indebted to him as he worked harder than me in landing me a job. There were days when I would sit back for a while to not stress myself out on having the right career, but they turned out to be the times he would check in on me and it definitely made me want to strive on and be hopeful. I cannot thank him enough in writing and I hope he will continue being this helpful and caring for the many more who will be seeking jobs just like I did. It is no exaggeration that I consider myself very lucky to have been assisted by the consultant. With my sincerest affection, I want to thank him very much for all that he has done and I will definitely not take this opportunity for granted”

Manufacturing Technician
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“The service and professionalism I received from the consultant from ScienTec Personnel was exceptional and unexpected. Her knowledge of the local market, negotiating and insights on job resources helped me in my search for a new job.

After patiently going through the job details and explaining the scope and criteria to me, she ensured that I got the best offer and package for the new job. She was also supportive with interview tips, feedback and showed concern for my health when I was sick.

I am writing this letter to express my great satisfaction with the quality of work completed and quality of the consultant from ScienTec Personnel.”

Corporate Account Technical Coordinator

"Deciding to leave your current job is always a stressful decision. You are hopeful to find a better role that suits your skills, with a balanced work schedule and of course better compensation (if you’re lucky). I’ve updated my resume and profiles online and started submitting applications. The unfruitful applications I had, added to my frustrations which made my hopes of finding a better job slimmer. Then, I received a call from the ScienTec Personnel consultant. Her approach is both professional and friendly. She gave me a brief intro on the company, and I said, “Yes! I’m interested.” The following weeks were a series of interviews with my potential employer. There were times that I was not available for an interview and she was kind enough to arrange another date for me. She was persistent (but not annoying!) and enthusiastic in making me believe that the role fitted me perfectly. To cut a long story short, here I am in my new office and my new role. I love my new job and my new team. I got what I hoped for and more. Thanks to the consultant and her colleague. They both handled my application very well.” 

Network Telcomm Analyst
Life Technologies

“I would like to extend my sincere and personal appreciation to the ScienTec Personnel consultant for helping me through the process of securing a job with Abbott. His action exemplifies dedication and commitment to excellent customer service.

Despite his busy schedule, he was very determined in ensuring that I got a job. He made numerous phone calls just to make sure whether I had any queries or doubts. He even took up his time to meet me so that I was well prepared for the interview with Abbott. He is always there to assure and update me immediately even when I was away from Singapore.

I am very pleased with the service he has provided me and I strongly recommend ScienTec Personnel’s services.”

Packaging Technician

“I would like to commend the consultant from ScienTec Personnel in this short letter of appreciation for his hard work, sincerity and passion, which was vibrantly present during all our discussions, email correspondences and calls.

He has a keen sense in sniffing out talent, together with his good foresight in employer’s business model and employee’s career goals, he is able to create a winning synergy. I am very pleased with the effort that he has put in for me.

I will not hesitate to recommend him to any of my peers as he is always ready to listen and able to give a professional helping hand. He also comes across as one of the most sincere consultants I have met in a long time.”

Sales Manager

“When I decided to make a slight change in my career path, I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of recruitment companies out there. I wondered if I would make the right choice in finding the right company.

The consultant from ScienTec Personnel contacted me directly after seeing a copy of my resume and quickly set up an initial interview. From the moment I spoke to the consultant, I knew that ScienTec was the agency for me. She took an active interest in me both as a person and a candidate.

She took me through an in-depth interview to get a rough gauge of my interview skills so she could find the sector in a company that would be most suitable for me. She called me daily to ensure that I was kept informed of the progress. In a short time, she secured me an interview and guided and supported me throughout the process. She even did a mock interview after office hours with me to improve my interviewing skills.

Changing career paths can be daunting but with her help, I attained a position perfect not just for my career and ambitions but also my personality. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.”

Sterilisation Technician
Ciba Vision