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Jobseeker Testimonials

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant was very accommodating and pleasant from the very first day. She was always willing to answer my queries regarding my job application. She never failed to provide the details needed in my application to keep everything on track. She would notify and apologise if there were changes with the interview schedule which also shows her professionalism. As an applicant, she never disappointed me as all the information given beforehand regarding the job and company was accurate. I am very grateful that she helped me with the employment process and even supported me by providing motivation, suggesting that I would be able to get through it. With her assistance, I really felt that I was valued and important. I can also feel her genuine intention in helping with the recruitment process.”

Department Manager
A Swedish High Street Fashion Co.

“I was at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn as it was a critical point in my career. I got help from a ScienTec Personnel consultant and listened to her advice. I got an offer within weeks and it was all thanks to the prompt feedback and updates on the current situation. I am deeply grateful to the consultant as she was willing to step out of her way to help me liaise with Illumina even when she was on leave. The promptness and reliability from ScienTec's personnel is excellent!

My deepest gratitude for the opportunity that was given to me. I will definitely introduce ScienTec to my peers!”    

Manufacturing Technician (Reagent Formulation)

“ScienTec Personnel consultants have a very professional working attitude. They were very helpful to me during my job hunting period. They were very fast and efficient towards my requests and questions, even during their off-days. Overall, my experience with ScienTec is a very pleasant and enjoyable one. Thanks for your wonderful service!"

Assistant Chemist (Shift Based) 
Ciba Vision

“Thank you ScienTec Personnel for helping me land a job very quickly; within a week of starting my job hunt. Prior to my interviews, the consultant met with me to go through the job scope in detail as well as the common difficult questions that might be asked. This enabled me to be more calm and confident for the interview. Sure enough, I was able to secure a follow-up interview right after and eventually got the job.

I'm very happy to be in my current position and grateful to ScienTec for giving me the opportunity to be with this company.”

Customer Service Executive (A/R) 

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant always has a pleasant smile and guided me as much as she could to prepare me for the interviews. She kept me informed and sought my feedback. She is non-judgmental and willing to highlight the areas for me to improve in.  

Prior to the last interview, I managed to contact my previous clients and they showed interest in your services. Knowing that I have zero knowledge in the product, particularly quotations, I provided them the contact of your company. 

Once again, thank you very much for your time and I had learnt a lot from the interview. I hope to collaborate with you in future if the opportunity arises.”

Sales & Marketing Manager
Jia You Trading

“Thank you very much to the ScienTec Personnel consultants for the email, interviews, calls and all the arrangements made. Thanks for all the help and advice given. You guys did a great job!

I always believed that everything must be transparent to a client. I know that sales targets are important in a recruitment company, but while working towards them, you need to understand your client’s needs and wants. You guys definitely showed what professionalism is all about!”

Finance (Cashier)

“I would like to thank both the ScienTec Search and ScienTec Personnel consultants for all their detailed explanations, taking the time to talk to me to clarify any doubts, and for giving me valuable advice throughout the interview process. Their timeliness and accurate handling of my questions is very much appreciated. Thank you for understanding and bridging my expectations with that of Elsevier’s as well. 

Your knowledge of the company and dedication shown helped me greatly to be where I am. I am grateful for that.”

Customer Consultant (Books)

“I recently got hired by one of your company’s clients. During the entire process, the ScienTec Personnel consultant was professional, reliable and hardworking. Honestly, without her and ScienTec’s support, I would have possibly given up. Thank you so much for the superb assistance. It is very much appreciated.”

Customer Service Representative

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant is passionate, helpful and kind in assisting me to get a job. I am truly lucky to be able to meet the consultant. Big thumbs up for both the consultant and ScienTec for helping me secure a job I wanted. Thank you and good luck!”

Events Officer
Singapore Turf Club

“What I appreciated most about the ScienTec Personnel consultant is the sincerity she showed throughout the whole process. She was able to explain clearly the job details; from the interview to the job role, the requirements, the application of the work pass and so on. She did a great job. I would like to extend my thanks to her for the excellent service.”

Financial Service Ambassador

“I still remember when I was first contacted by the consultant from ScienTec Personnel. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and passion for his job. Despite my busy schedule due to my part time job, he worked closely with me to arrange and prepare me for the interview.

His dedication to his work was clearly shown when I had queries about the job offer and contacted him beyond his working hours. He is always ready and responsive to my questions, making sure he fully cleared my doubts. He also makes it a point to update me on the offer and reassure my insecurities along the way. The waiting period for my offer was unusually long but he still kept up to his task. He is also an excellent team player, sharing a good rapport with his fellow colleagues as I observed from our interview sessions.

He put in a lot of time and effort into this assignment. My situation was quite problematic with my travel plans and part time employment at my previous work place. Therefore I did not place much hope in the job offer. However, he was always there to assure and update me even when I was away from Singapore.

I had several experiences with recruitment agencies and I would say that the experiences were not pleasant. Candidates are usually ‘thrown aside’ after the interview and no review or follow-ups are done. The consultant, however, changed my perspective about that. He worked closely with his clients and ensured I got updates on the offer. His zest and drive also increased my interest in the job offer. I am truly thankful for the help rendered by the consultant.” 
E-Sales Support

“The ScienTec Personnel consultants were professional and friendly in their approach. I immediately signalled my interest after they shared the job opening with me. They arranged the interviews for me in the following weeks and were kind enough to reschedule when I wasn’t available. They are enthusiastic and convinced me that the role would be perfect for me. They handled my application very well.”

Network Telcomm Analyst
Life Technologies Holdings

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant has been really helpful to me by looking for multiple suitable jobs for me, while explaining and clearing my doubts, if any. He reminded me of my appointments and gave me clear directions on all the things I needed to know.

He guided me throughout all the processes and interviews. He followed up with me by asking for feedback after my interview to check if I was still keen on the job and the workplace. 

I’m really thankful that I have him as my consultant and hope this testimonial will help him for his career and future.”

Warehouse Assistant

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for his help in getting me a job. He provided me a fast and reliable service. The position is an exact match to my previous job except it is in a different industry. So far, I am happy with my job and learning to adapt to the new working environment. Once again, thank you.”

Service Coordinator
Crown Equipment

“I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the ScienTec Personnel consultant for the assistance rendered throughout my job application process. I remembered it was months back while I was on a business trip overseas and I received an email as I was unreachable via phone. Thank you for dropping me the email to check on my interest so that I could keep in touch to further discuss with you my career options. 

Throughout the whole application process, I was very grateful for the prompt response to my queries, assistance in arranging the interviews as well as the efforts on the follow-ups after my interviews. I would also like to thank the consultant for giving me some tips prior to my first interview. The outcome of the entire recruitment process was very successful because of the useful advice as well as the timely assistance given. I have no hesitation in recommending the consultant’s services to others.”

Product Specialist

“While looking for a job, I was contacted by a ScienTec Personnel consultant. He was very professional and polite in liaising and following up to get more information from me to submit my resume to various clients.

Although I was unable to be selected for the first job, he still contacted me to ask if I would like to be considered for another position in Marketing. This time I got it and I am glad that he followed up with me right till the end to ensure that I was properly briefed for my new job which I would be starting shortly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new job out there! Thanks.”

Regional Marketing Communications Executive

“I would like to compliment the ScienTec Personnel consultant on the services he provided. He gave excellent advice and was very encouraging. He made the effort in gathering feedback and understanding my current situation. I am glad and thankful to be served by him and I believe he will excel in the field of recruitment.” 

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Events and Human Resource Management
Murdoch University | Kaplan Higher Education Academy

“I would like to applaud the ScienTec Personnel consultant who serviced me as he deserves praise for his consultation services.

He gave me the necessary details I needed to know about the job scope and additional details such as who I would be meeting with, the do’s and don’ts during an interview, and how to handle it smoothly.

I’d gladly recommend his services to my friends if ever they are in need of jobs.”

Financial Services Ambassador

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant provided fantastic service and followed up with me throughout the whole process of meeting my current employer. 

He did a good job by following up before and after my interviews. For example, he would call me 15 minutes before the interview to ensure that I was not late for it, and followed up after the interview session to discuss the outcome.

He also provided useful information on preparing for the interviews which helped me a lot. 
I would like to recommend him to my friends if they are in need of jobs and I am sure that he will outdo others as a recruitment consultant.”

Production Coordinator
Neptune Work Wear

“First of all, I am delighted that after searching for a job for almost two months, I finally found one. Without the help of the ScienTec Personnel consultant, I wouldn't have gotten this current job. I would like to thank him for his time and hard work, as well as for preparing me for my interviews.”


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