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Jobseeker Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ScienTec Personnel for helping me get a permanent job with good pay and benefits. Thank you for helping me with the job interview too. It was very thoughtful of the consultant to update me regularly throughout the entire process.”

Assistant Officer (Device History Records) 
Ciba Vision

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant was simply outstanding throughout the whole recruitment process leading to my employment. She supported me at every single step of the process, providing me with tips and the best practices to succeed. Also, she promptly updated me with the progress of the application at all times - something that I had never experienced before with other agencies. She is genuinely interested in finding candidates a job and always tries to exceed their expectations. Also, our conversations were really fun and this shows the ability that she has to build long lasting relationships with candidates. I personally thanked her before the final stage of the recruitment because I really felt well supported throughout. I strongly believe that she is an important asset to ScienTec.”

Floor Manager
A Swedish Fashion Retail Co.

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant did a great job in helping me apply for my current position. She was very organised and provided useful tips for my interview. She was very dedicated and helped me adjust my schedule regardless of the time of day. She updated me throughout the whole process which made everything easier. I would certainly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.”

Financial Service Ambassador

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant did a great job in regards to the recruitment process. I was always updated throughout the application. She was very accommodating and friendly. I informed her regarding my concern about the delay in my passport application and immediately assisted me in getting my visa approved once I got my passport. I was also given a list of requirements to comply with which guided me to proceed with the training in Hong Kong. I would recommend her for the passion and dedication shown in her work. Thanks to her, I have now been working in this company for 9 months.”

Sales Advisor
A Swedish High Street Fashion Co.

“What more can I say - ScienTec Personnel did a marvelous and excellent job. The wonderful thing about ScienTec is that they will always try to look for jobs that match my qualifications. Not only that, they will also give wonderful advice and tips on what to do during or before interviews. I am glad that they found one for me. Massive thanks to ScienTec Personnel especially the consultant who was helping me. Her advice and commitment helped me find a suitable job. I would definitely recommend anyone to the consultant for her outstanding commitment. Bravo ScienTec and keep up the wonderful job!”

HSE Technician, Hazardous Waste 

“The ScienTec Personnel consultant was very professional and helpful. She provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the company and how to prepare for the interviews. As I’m from Malaysia, she also helped me to find accommodation here. I did not have shop floor retail sales experience but she convinced me that I would do well in this position – I joined as a Sales Advisor and half a year later, I was promoted to Department Manager. She still keeps in contact with me. I highly recommend her and ScienTec Personnel.”

Department Manager
A Swedish High Street Fashion Co.

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for her wonderful service in getting me a job at Ciba Vision as a fresh graduate. I appreciate all her advice regarding the job. She was always updating me about what was in-process for the job and always checking up on whether I required any assistance.”

Assistant Officer (Device History Records) 
Ciba Vision

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant’s prompt reply to all my enquiries. The tactful advice and encouragement given is very important to any candidate. Keep up the good job!”

Accounts Assistant 
Jurong Engineering 

“I am writing to express my gratitude to the ScienTec Personnel consultant for his excellent service throughout the course of meeting my current employer. The consultant spent time to understand my situation, helped gather information and analyse the feedback given by the employer which included any changes in the hiring manager’s plans. I was given updates almost on a daily basis. This included strategies on how to approach the interview. I would recommend ScienTec’s consultants to my friends if they ever need to look for jobs.”

Production Coordinator
Neptune Work Wear

“I am very happy to recommend the excellent service provided by the ScienTec Personnel consultant and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the help and support given throughout. I can state with confidence that she is a very responsible, efficient and attentive person. I truly appreciate the professional advice provided by her. The consultant took great care and effort in telling me about the job while learning more about me. I truly appreciate the offer that she introduced and helping me launch this next phase of my career.”

HR Executive
Ciba Vision 

“First of all, a big thank you for the great assistance that the ScienTec Personnel consultant has provided since the day I was retrenched. The consultant even went the extra mile; she informed me of the great news even when she was on leave. She also followed up and monitored things closely.

These are examples of high quality service excellence. This is what I love; when people provide excellent and quality customer service. 

Kudos to ScienTec for having such a wonderful consultant on board.”

Regional Support Engineer 

“It was a very pleasant experience working with the consultant in ScienTec Personnel. She made great efforts to understand my needs, and tried her best to find suitable jobs that match my requirements. She also followed up closely with me throughout the recruitment process. I am very happy with her services and will definitely recommend this company to my friend who is looking for a job.”

Financial Service Ambassador 

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for her quick response. Although I had already found a job, I highly recommend her as she is approachable and prompt. She provides good service.”

Admin cum Account Assistant (Previous Job)
Imer Oru Far East 

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for her help in getting me a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific. She advised me on the do’s and don'ts in interviews because I had never gone for any before. I really appreciate it and thank you ScienTec! “

Manufacturing Technician 
Thermo Fisher

“I would like to commend the ScienTec Personnel consultant for his excellent service and prompt follow- ups throughout the period of the job search. He provided helpful advice on how to handle the interviews, was willing to spend time and effort to explain the job requirements and how I could improve on my interview skills. The consultant also listened attentively to my queries regarding my career switch and gave a thorough analysis that helped in clearing up my concerns. He would promptly update me on the status of the job search and briefed me on what to expect from the phone interviews. The consultant would also provide advice on how to improve and craft my resume effectively.

I would like to recommend the consultant to my friends should they be in need of jobs and I am confident that he will continue to excel as a recruitment consultant.”

QA Executive

“I would like to thank ScienTec Personnel and especially my consultant – she is very patient, meticulous and proactive. She answered my queries even after her working hours. She tried her best to negotiate what is best for the client and company. I'm grateful to her for her help. She is definitely a shiny gem in ScienTec!”  

Staff Nurse 
Thye Hua Kwan

“I’m extremely blessed and thankful to the ScienTec Personnel consultant who helped me to land a job with my dream company – they provide the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. Each day is a continuous learning process that helps me to grow individually, and as a team member.  As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits on how far you can go. If you want to work in a good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a GREAT environment – this is the place. Thank you ScienTec!”

Department Manager
A Swedish High Street Fashion Co.

“I rate the ScienTec Personnel consultant who served me highly. He would immediately update me with all the details regarding jobs that are available. He is also very patient towards me.”

Sales Associate
A Swedish Fashion Retail Co.

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for her pro-activeness in assisting me in every possible way to ensure all details are in place during the hiring process with Epson. I am so humbled to experience the kind of treatment that she extended. She even helped me evaluate all my options involving personal matters. I am very happy with how she handled the application matters professionally. I would like to thank her for that.”

System Engineer

“I am writing this to thank the ScienTec Personnel consultant for her great effort and hard work to recommend me to the client. She is a very responsible person who would closely update me on my situation. She would remind me about my interviews to ensure that I was well prepared and not be late for them. She also gave me useful information to make me more confident during my interviews.

Lastly, I am really appreciative of her professionalism and regular updates throughout the entire hiring process.”

Order Scheduler, Associate Logistics Specialist 
Thermo Fisher

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