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Success in Managing Human Resource Challenges in Biomedical Sciences
SCIENTEC CEO ARTICLE IN BIOSPECTRUM - The biomedical sciences is a scientific sector that aims to increase the body of knowledge on topics related to medicine. Its role is to develop or improve treatments, vaccines, equipment and techniques involving health care. This sector includes biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services industries. Due to the sunrise nature of the industry and rapid expan...
22 Jun 2009
Recruitment in Biomedical Sciences in Asia remains strong, despite global economic downturn
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN BUSINESS TIMES - While the rest of the world may be experiencing headcount freezes, retrenchments, or wage cuts, careers in Asia’s biomedical sciences industry continues to remain upbeat. Some sectors (including clinical research, biologics, diagnostic & monitoring technology, nutraceuticals, drug discovery and healthcare) are even facing significant numbers of talent shortage, res...
18 Mar 2009