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The Cupid Effect: Love in the Office
So begs the question: To hide or to be free? In the old days, most couples would choose the former. An office romance would be often frowned upon among both peers and the management – and in extreme cases, they may affect careers. That line is not so defined these days.  In a survey reported by, 80% out of 415 participants said they approve of office romance. However, 75% of those who have had re...
15 Feb 2017
How to game the economic slowdown for a better career
Global uncertainty surrounding the United States trade policies, slowing Asian economy, cyclical downturn in our local economy: these are just some of the bleak news facing any job seeker today. Even though the Business Times reported a slight boost in business confidence in Q4 of last year, it has not done much to raise morale. Truthfully, without sounding too optimistic, the situation is not all bad. There are st...
10 Feb 2017
Want to work in the gig economy? Take these 5 online courses first
There is a change in the employment landscape. In the midst of hiring freezes, more employers are looking to short-term contract workers, or freelancers, to fulfill their HR needs. Welcome to the gig economy. This does not have to be a negative. Disciplined freelancers get to decide how much free time they have over how much money they want to earn. However, there has to be more conversations about the freelance wor...
01 Feb 2017
Online courses a hit with young Singaporeans: SkillsFuture SG
According to a year-end report card released by SkillsFuture Sg (SSG), more than 126,000 Singaporeans have used their SkillsFuture Credit to up-skill or re-skill themselves at the close of December 2016. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are popular with younger Singaporeans aged between 25 and 39. Preferred online courses include web development and design, coding, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which ranked ...
10 Jan 2017
ScienTec CEO shares insights on filling C-Suite Positions in Asia
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN FUNWORLD - Karen Tok, ScienTec Consulting’s CEO, is featured in this month’s issue of Funworld, the official magazine of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) as she answers pertinent questions regarding filling C-Suite positions. The following are the original answers extracted from her interview: When do you promote from within? "Whether to promo...
01 Feb 2016